Fiddler's Canyon Solar Project #2

Cedar City, Utah

United States


Technical details

Southwest Utah has become a significant source of solar-generated electricity. Iron County alone has 11 solar power plants, including the Fiddler's Canyon project in the Escalante Desert. Fiddler's Canyon consists of 3 arrays of photovoltaic solar panels, each array rated at 3 megawatts.

Cloverly's portfolio includes Renewable Energy Credits from Fiddler's Canyon #2. You can find technical information about it from the US Energy Information Administration at

RECs are also called renewable energy certificates. Each REC certifies that 1 megawatt-hour of electricity has been generated by renewable means and delivered to the electric grid. RECs represent the rights to all of the environmental benefits of generating energy by clean, renewable means. Buying them helps fund solar farms and other renewable-energy projects.

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Total Capacity

3 megawatts

Instrument Type

Renewable Energy Certificate