Methane Recovery Project Princepeel Wilbertoord

Wilbertoord, North Brabant


Livestock Gas Capture

Technical details

This project generates electricity and heat from an abundant local resource and fights climate change in the process. The resource is manure, generated by the many pig farms in southeastern Netherlands. Usually, it’s stored in open lagoons and then spread as fertilizer on farm fields. As it breaks down, it emits methane, which the US Environmental Protection Agency calculates to be 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

The Princepeel Wilbertoord project (named for the 30,000-animal Princepeel pig farm and the village where it’s located), captures methane and other biogases from manure and other locally created organic wastes. The gas powers irrigation pumps that previously used diesel fuel. It also fuels electric generators. Electricity in excess of the farm’s needs goes into the local power grid. Waste heat from the biogas plant helps process the remaining waste to make it more suitable as fertilizer.

Altogether, the project reduced emissions by an estimated 59,882 metric tons (66,009 US tons) of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gases in 2012, thus producing 59,882 carbon offsets. Cloverly has purchased 1,250 of those 2012 offsets.

Cloverly buys offsets that meet accepted standards for being real, measurable, verifiable, permanent, and additional. "Additional" means that the carbon savings would not have happened without the offset project and that the project would not have happened unless it got certified to sell carbon offsets. Verra oversees verification of the Princepeel Wilbertoord project. You can find verification documents at

Projects can produce many offsets during a year. So a project may appear more than once in the Cloverly portfolio. You can tell the year of the offset by the date in the web address for each project: "12-months-starting-[month]-[year]." For a list of all the projects in our portfolio and an interactive map, see Learn more about Cloverly at

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