Lee County Resource Recovery Landfill Gas

Fort Myers, Florida

United States

Landfill Gas Capture

Technical details

All of the household garbage collected in Florida's Lee and Hendry counties eventually ends up at the Lee County Resource Recovery Facility, where it is sorted for reusable and recyclable materials. The lowest value waste is brought to the Waste-To-Energy Plant where, for the last 20 years, it has been converted to electricity through the facility's two 600 ton-per-day (TPD) waterwall furnaces and one 636 TPD unit.

Heat from the incineration of municipal solid waste in the combustion units is captured and used to create steam to generate electricity. Once the waste is combusted, all that is left is an inert ash residue that is about 10 percent of its original volume. The Waste-to-Energy plant is also equipped with an enhanced metal recovery system that efficiently removes ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the ash; the recovered material is recycled. This ash is then disposed of at the landfill in Hendry County.

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