Greater New Bedford LFG (Landfill Gas) Utilization Project

Dartmouth, Massachusetts

United States

Landfill Gas Capture

Technical details

This project illustrates the efficiencies and synergies that offset projects can create. It has turned a landfill near the Massachusetts coast into a multifaceted source of fuel for an electric power plant while significantly reducing emissions of climate-changing gases.

Landfills emit methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. At the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District's Crapo Hill Landfill, a system of wells and pipes collects the landfill gas. (The landfill is actually in Dartmouth, which adjoins New Bedford.) The landfill district sells the gas to power a 3.3-megawatt on-site electrical power plant. The plant operator sells the electricity to the local power grid.

Burning the landfill gas for power does emit carbon dioxide. But the Environmental Protection Agency says methane is 25 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, so trading methane for CO2 is a good deal for the planet. Electricity and waste heat from the generators help operate an adjacent anaerobic digestion facility that uses food and other organic waste to produce biogas—which goes back to the power plant as a supplemental fuel.

So the project turns various kinds of waste into electricity while creating income for the landfill and jobs for local residents. And every year it keeps an estimated 88,437 metric tons (97,485 US tons) of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gases from going into the atmosphere.

Cloverly buys offsets that meet accepted standards for being real, measurable, verifiable, permanent, and additional. "Additional" means that the carbon savings would not have happened without the offset project and that the project would not have happened unless it got certified to sell carbon offsets. Verra oversees verification of the New Bedford project. You can find verification documents at

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