Lacs Médocains Solar Park

Hourtin, Gironde



Technical details

With its 41-megawatt capacity, the Lacs Médocains Solar Park can power up to 20,000 French homes. The renewable energy developer BayWa r.e., based in Munich, Germany, built the park in 2017. It’s just outside the town of Hourtin, between the Bordeaux wine region and the Bay of Biscay in southwestern France.

The site had been forestland before storms damaged it in 1999. To compensate for taking out the remaining trees, the developer planted more than 180 acres of trees elsewhere as a reforestation project. The solar park includes a nature trail with information about the power plant and solar energy as well as plants and animals found in the area.

Cloverly has purchased 2,500 guarantees of origin for energy the park produced in March and April 2019. A guarantee of origin is a European tracking instrument certifying that 1 megawatt-hour of electricity has been produced from a renewable source and delivered to the electric grid. (Its US equivalent is a Renewable Energy Credit.) Buying guarantees of origin helps fund solar farms and other renewable-energy projects.

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Total Capacity

41 megawatts

Instrument Type

Renewable Energy Certificate

Registry Name