El Bayo Onshore Wind Project

Pedrola, Zaragoza



Technical details

Three and a half hours west of Barcelona by car, a double row of wind turbines runs along a low, flat hill among agricultural fields. El Bayo Wind Farm opened in 2003 during a boom time for wind energy in Spain. Its 60 towers, built in two phases of 30 each, use Spanish-made turbines and have a total nameplate capacity of 49.5 megawatts.

Spain's renewable-energy building spree paid off. In 2020, the country derived 21.9% of its electricity from wind power.

The El Bayo project produces guarantees of origin, the European version of the US Renewable Energy Credits. Each GO represents 1 megawatt-hour of renewable electricity delivered to the grid. The GOs in the Cloverly portfolio are from 2018.

For a list of all the projects in our portfolio and an interactive map, see https://dashboard.cloverly.com/offsets. Learn more about Cloverly at https://cloverly.com.

Total Capacity

49.5 megawatts

Instrument Type

Renewable Energy Certificate

Registry Name